Why work with us

There are many excellent change and leadership training organisations out there. You may already have worked with some of them. We share many of their attributes: we’re highly trained and experienced, have worked with clients that are household names, and we’ve shown that what we do helps individuals and teams of all sizes perform better.

Our methods are not unique, but our personalities, our priorities and our values are. Here’s what guides us in how we do things.

Focused on impact

…because we care about results and believe that effective leadership is the best, most sustainable way to improve performance.

Continually challenging

…because it’s our duty to raise leaders’ awareness and responsibility and to encourage them, in the face of difficulties, to say ‘I can do this’.

Fearlessly intuitive

…because when we have the courage to share our instinctive convictions we help people unlock the path to transformation.

Unabashedly playful

…because the vitality and insight that comes from having fun is often the basis for ideas, creativity and human connection.

Living wholeheartedly

…because we can role model authentic leadership and human flourishing through our commitment to leading purposeful, joyous lives.

Always learning

…because being curious and willing to ask questions ensures our work remains fresh, evolving and orientated to the future.

Our vision

We like to think that people come to us because they share the belief at the heart of what we do: that great leadership can create a fairer, freer and more fulfilling future for everyone; where individuals, organisations and communities can all flourish together.

Meet the team

Jill McMillan

An inner-city classroom, a dusty street in Nairobi, a plush executive boardroom: in each of these I’ve witnessed what happens when individuals start to see themselves as leaders. And I’ve been astounded every time. Good leadership really does come in all shapes and sizes, and it exists in all kinds of places.

Sue Murray

Sue’s work has always been about people. She’s driven by her curiosity to understand what fulfils us, and her conviction that we should all have the opportunity to be true to ourselves in our work. As an executive coach, leadership development trainer and HR search consultant, Sue has considerable experience of helping people identify and attain their ideal career opportunities, and flourish in their roles.

Charly Cox

Charly is an executive coach and leadership development facilitator who also happens to have started her own company in one of the world’s most challenging economies. She believes strongly that all organisations need to put their people at the heart of how they operate, to create workplaces in which courage and vulnerability go hand in hand, and in which teams have the freedom to be honest and open.

Jolyon Hammond

Jolyon’s work in leadership and change has brought him into contact with remarkably diverse people and organisations and had him move from one side of the UK to the other. He has over 10 years’ experience in leadership development, organisational transformation and behavioural change. Coming from a background in psychotherapy and non-violent communication he is able to quickly get to the heart of the matter, and help teams do the same.

Ruth Springer

Ruth believes that curiosity is one of the key ingredients in being both a good teacher and a good leader. She’s stood in front of a classroom full of students more times than she can count and now works to help teachers and school leaders develop the skills and resilience they need to thrive. She brings a wealth of experience as a teacher and faculty leader to her coaching.

Daniela Bagaglia

Daniela is a highly experienced leader of international and diverse teams and knows what it takes to create successful teams. With over 11 years’ experience in sales management, she has a track record of exceeding sales targets and developing teams for business performance. She now runs her own successful business as a coach, team and leadership development facilitator and business mentor. Her clients value her practical and real-world approach, her ability to truly listen, and her focus on action-centred development.

Polina Schadauer-Povarich

Polina handles our research and works with Jill on programme development. She has over 15 years of experience as a journalist, researcher and media professional. Her past roles have been as varied as writing reports for Fashion Week to crafting communication strategies for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the International Atomic Energy Agency in Austria. She is fascinated by the creative process and besides working with us, is also the creative director of Polosophia, her own fashion brand.

Jessica Nauer

Jessica is the vibrant and highly creative graphic designer who captures our ideas and processes visually. She completed a four-year apprenticeship at Swiss Printers, the biggest printing company in Switzerland, where she studied typography, lithography, printing process, media skills, colour and font design.  She gets really excited by how imagination and bit of software can bring a company’s vision to life.