What we do

We’re a leadership development consultancy set on making a positive difference in the world. In short, what we do is help people, teams and organisations flourish. Whether you’re a multinational company, a large school or a small not-for-profit, you share two fundamental challenges:

  1. Getting people to work really well together and realise their full potential, and
  2. Adapting to constantly changing systems, markets and demands.

To meet these challenges, you need curious, brave and generous leaders at all levels. You need people who believe in what they’re doing. They need to trust themselves and each other, and be confident and equipped to have those hard conversations, to challenge and to be challenged.

Through our focus on leadership development and behavioural change, we support people and organisations in developing the skills and the insight they need to make a tangible difference.  We do this in five key ways:

1-to-1 coaching of senior leaders

Supporting senior leaders to find clarity and lead with courage, especially in times of turmoil. (We can manage and match 1-to-1 coaches for your whole senior leadership team if you need us to.)

coaching senior leadership teams

Supporting senior leadership teams to tackle complex challenges that demand a dramatic change in thinking or culture. This often involves working with the system to shift preconceptions and make room for fresh ideas and new ways of doing things.

Leadership development experiences

Designing experiences that support leaders in being curious, brave and resilient, and equipping them to build trust and relationships that encourage others to be more creative, collaborative and responsible for their own performance.

Programmes that support dramatic shifts in your organisation

Creating programmes that support big changes in an organisation’s culture or strategy, by encouraging individuals at all levels to take responsibility and build better relationships.

Linking people and opportunities across sectors

Connecting and inspiring leaders in the education, business and charity sectors to share their skills, learn from each other’s experience and use this to fuel powerful and positive changes within their teams, organisations and communities.