Who we work with

For over 15 years, we‘ve had the privilege of working with organisations of all shapes and sizes in the private and public sectors – from multinational companies to sporting bodies and international charities, from schools to start-ups.

Despite being vastly different in what they do, they have all had one thing in common: they value their people and they get that leadership is crucial to making change and improvements, not only in their own organisations, but in the wider world.

As an organisation, we’ve made a conscious decision not to narrow our focus to a particular sector or industry. We believe that would limit both our potential and that of our clients to make positive changes happen, not just within their organisations, but far beyond them.

That’s why an important part of how we try to make a difference is by connecting and inspiring organisations to share their knowledge and experience to benefit each other. Good leadership and good practice shouldn’t be siloed by sector. We think that good leadership should reverberate, resulting in unexpected and delightful interactions and opportunities to make a difference.

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Whether you need to avoid going into Special Measures, or want to take your school from Good to Outstanding or beyond, our Evolve leadership development programme can help to create an authentic and unified school culture in which high morale and creativity exist alongside accountability, attainment and outstanding results.

In an educational world of constant change and drive to improve, morale can drop, causing dangerous dips in performance and high staff turnover. The external pressures of Ofsted, the National Curriculum and government interference sometimes encourage command-and-control leadership styles which can be corrosive and counter-productive in the long-term. Even in successful schools, good middle managers are often unable to see the value of their contribution and often a ‘them and us’ culture can develop between senior and middle management, creating mistrust, poor decision-making and lack of buy-in to even the brightest of initiatives.
Evolve is founded on robust leadership theories coupled with a sound understanding of the current educational context.  It supports school leaders at all levels to identify and develop their own authentic leadership style, and equips them with the skills to have challenging and courageous conversations – the type of conversations that prevent conflict, increase trust and move people and situations forward. It also aligns staff goals, creating a shared sense of purpose that allows whole teams and the school to flourish.


As well as equipping your leaders with the insight and skills to bring out the best in their teams, change and transition is where we excel.

Change and uncertainty make most people uncomfortable. As well as these things being inherently stressful, organisations can feel strait-jacketed by their existing culture and the complexity of their own operations. This can make change and uncertainty feel even more daunting to business leaders.

But what if your company and its leaders could see uncertainty as a space for opportunity, and change as a fuel for creativity? With markets, technologies and industry standards changing faster now than at any point in history, the most successful organisations are those that can change quickly themselves. Essentially it’s how these organisations approach change and uncertainty, rather than their technology or their ability to adapt, that make them successful.

Through our coaching we support senior executives and senior leadership teams to lead organisations that are up to the challenge of constant change. This often demands drastic changes to thinking and culture. Leaders need to be open to possibility and creativity. They need to feel comfortable moving without a clearly mapped route towards what may be a fuzzy destination, and they need to make their teams feel comfortable with this too. They also need to empower their teams to play a part in the change,

and to want to take responsibility for their own performance and the success of their organisation.

This approach has helped us to support organisations across sectors to change and improve their performance.

Central to what we do is:

  • help leaders identify and develop their own authentic leadership style
  • spark creative (‘disruptive’) thinking within teams and organisations to alter perspectives and allow for bold approaches to challenge and change
  • create a culture where people are more open to possibility and view change and uncertainty as opportunities
  • equip individuals and teams with the skills to have challenging and courageous conversations in a way that prevents conflicts, increases trust, and moves people and situations forward.

Organisations we’ve worked with include Prudential, CBRE, Barclays, EMI Music, The Riverside Company, Leathwaite, PartnerRe, East Hampshire District Council, the NHS, The Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, Clore Social Leadership, Practical Action, as well as a number of educational trusts and schools across the UK.


You already share our belief in the power of people to make a difference, or you wouldn’t be working in this sector. Our work with charities to develop good leadership is all aimed at doing just that – helping people to understand the power they have to make a difference and providing them with the skills to inspire and empower others to do the same. This work has given us some of our most rewarding and enlightening moments.

The leadership and personal development programmes we’ve run with charities have in no way been limited to senior leaders. We believe that leaders come in all shapes and sizes and leadership operates at all levels of our societies. The self-belief and understanding that our programmes aim to nurture has had equally powerful impact when working with volunteers, community members and charity staff in general.

We firmly believe that the results of good leadership trickle throughout an organisation, beyond its four walls, and even beyond its projects.

We’d love to hear how you think what we have to offer could complement and strengthen the work you’re already doing.

Jill is a director of Emerging Leaders, a charity that works to bring leadership development and all its inherent benefits to grassroots communities in African countries. She understands the constraints and challenges that charities and community projects face and never ceases to be amazed and excited by the work they do.